Xcode 12 beta, Apple’s IDE (Integrated Development Environment) has gotten so many tools with super powers. The addition of SwiftUI will dramatically change the spectrum of Apple developers in the days to come. The supercharged design tool that comes along with SwiftUI would empower a whole new way to build user interfaces.

Step 1 – Get Xcode 12 beta from Apple developer’s page

Let’s head to Apple’s developer login page by clicking on this link.

Login with your default Apple ID and password.


Once you have logged in successfully, you would be redirected to the actual downloads page. If you have not subscribed to the Apple Developer’s Annual plan; you would end up seeing an option to just download the beta version of Xcode 12 as seen in the screenshot below.


Click on the blue button to the right which say “Download” for the Xcode 12 beta.

Now begins the long wait to download the application (depending on your internet speed), the file size is about 9.73GB.


Once the file is downloaded, open the file or head to your “Downloads” folder to see the zip file and double click on the file.

Just a heads up, the unzipping process is going to take some time.


Step 2 – Install Xcode 12 beta

Installing Xcode 12 beta or any other application in macOS is a breeze.

Drag and drop the Xcode beta app icon from the “Downloads” folder to the “Applications” folder. That’s it!


Step 3 – Launch Xcode 12 beta

The excitement of trying out something new is unexplainable. Let’s go ahead and launch the new Xcode beta app.

There so many ways to open the app.

  • Go to your “Application” folder and double click on the “Xcode beta” app icon.
  • Open “LaunchPad” and double click on the “Xcode 12 beta” app icon.
  • Open “Spotlight” search and type “Xcode” and select the Xcode beta option.

Once you run the app, you would see a welcome screen as shown below


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